I LOVE to bake sourdough

I LOVE to bake sourdough – sourdough anything really…… bread, biscuits, crumpets, pancakes and flatbread have become my standard repertoire for feeding my family.

My interest in sourdough started long before I ever tried to make a loaf myself. I was fascinated by the health benefits and nutrition that sourdough offered over commercial breads. If you type “sourdough nutrition” into your search engine you get a return rate of 636,000 hits! But in essence, sourdough is much easier to digest, it has a low glycaemic index (GI), it is naturally leavened and – if you make it yourself or buy from a reputable baker – has no artificial flavours, colours or additives and the taste is …….. well, there just isn’t any comparison as far as I am concerned.

It wasn’t until I attended a free workshop/information session, run through my local permaculture group several years back that I got my hands on some wonderful ‘starter’ that my mild baking obsession began.

At first my loaves were as heavy as door stops, which was incredibly disheartening after all the love, time and effort put in to produce the expected beautifully crusty loaf. Nevertheless, my family ate them (toasted) and encouraged me with sounds of delight whilst yanking at the bread to try to break pieces off to chew!

I was not deterred and sought knowledge about the magical sourdough process. There are a few online ‘communities’ that have terrific chat rooms about sourdough – sharing recipes, support and knowledge. I particularly love sourdough.com and the fresh loaf.

Follow me on my journey, where I’ll share my cooking triumphs and catastrophes. I’ll share some recipes and let you know where you can purchase my delicious sourdough biscuits. I’d also love to hear from you – so please feel free to share your sourdough journey and favourite recipes too.





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