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I love that I can use my business for good – it has so many aspects that fit into this area – but most of all … I love … I LOVE…. that I can used my business to promote and donate money to wonderful causes that trigger my heart.

Each February I donate part of my sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and in 2016 Jindi Farm will be donating 10% of all profits. This is the biggest proportion I’ve donated to date!

The call for me to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation is because my family, like so many others, has been touched by this insidious disease, and I dream – I wildly dream – that one-day no one will have to lose their mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt, cousin or friend early.

Breast cancer runs in my family, on my mum’s side. It tragically claimed my grandmother’s life at 46 years old, and my mum’s at 52.

My mum, Susan Bowness [Sue], was a wild hippy. She was connected to the earth, which I am proud she has passed on to me. She was an organic feminist and would defend her point of view fiercely hahaha I’m smiling at the memories that are flooding in as I write this…. This is a photo of mum and me – I guess I’d be about 3 or 4 here? Cute hat and shoes hu!?


There are many wonderful groups that focus on Breast Cancer here is Australia but I chose to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation because their goals really resonate with me. They primarily raise money for research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer AND…. straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) ……..

“Our aspirational goal is to achieve zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. With 37 Australians diagnosed each day and seven dying from the disease, there is still much to do.”

See more at: http://nbcf.org.au

That sounds bloody good to me!

Spread the word far and wide – the more people that know the more money I’ll be able to donate.

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