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Jindi Farm is a small family business run by Leslie Smith, who grows native Australian bush foods on 15 acres in Jindivick, West Gippsland. Nestled against the Nangara Reserve Jindi Farm predominantly grows Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolate), Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora), Davidsons Plum (Davidsonia jerseyana) and Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragonioides).

It wasn’t until after the tragic events of Black Saturday impacted her families lives, coupled with working in the corporate world for almost 2 decades that Leslie recognised an intense yearning to work outdoors on the land. Leslie has always had a keen interest in community, sustainability and ‘the simple life’ and found the ideal property to fulfill this need.

The Jindivick property was purchased by Leslie and her family in 2012 and already had an existing plantation of established Mountain Pepper plants on it. In 2013 the ‘Jindi Farm’ business was launched which continues to grow and develop. This has been a very steep learning curve – dealing with low water levels, extra hot dry summers and deer from the neighbouring forest – but undeterred, the future for Jindi Farm is very promising.

“Leslie has always had a keen interest in community, 

sustainability and ‘the simple life’

and found the ideal property to fulfill this need.”

After recently receiving a grant from Landcare to undertake a research project about mulch and moisture levels required for optimum growth and production of bush foods, Leslie and her family have 400+ native Australian bush foods growing on the property. They range from immature seedlings to first year flowering and mature harvestable trees. The bush foods are harvested, dried and milled and used in a wide variety of bush food products such as Dukkah, spice mixes, relish, jams, dips and baked goods.

You will see Leslie at annual events and local farmers markets (Jindivick, Morwell, Warragul & Noojee) where she is often cooking food with her speciality bush food products – popcorn chicken seasoned with her Smokey Mountain Pepper Rub or Churros with a Lemon Myrtle sugar. Jindi Farm Bush Food products are also sold through local retail outlets.

A bush food garden at the Jindivick property is in the initial design stages of development. Leslie’s dream is to have an ornamental, edible bush food garden available for people to visit, enjoy and gain ideas for incorporating native Australian bush foods in their own gardens.

eating Dukkah under the tree 5

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